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Inspections for the Food Service industry

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We offer honest and reliable hood cleaning services for restaurants across South Florida. We are dedicated to our trade, and offer the most knowledgeable and well trained kitchen exhaust cleaners and service repair technicians in the entire industry. Your kitchen exhaust system is important! Let us worry about your hood system. and set up an appointment with one of our hood cleaning inspectors. We will give you photo documentation of your restaurant exhaust system and show you what needs to be done to make sure it is proper working order, along with a quote to get your grease hood system working properly.

Picture Report

We strive to ensure that all our work is successfully completed to your satisfaction. We provide before and after photos of all jobs.

Trained Professionals

Our technicians received extensive training and we are fully insured, bonded, certified and licensed.


We offer flexible scheduling that works best for you. Give us a call today to learn more!

Code Compliance

We do all our work in accordance with NFPA 96 fire codes and in compliance with all state and local laws.

Why would you change providers?

We work hand in hand with the Business Owners, Exec Chefs, Managers, Fire Marshalls, and Health Inspectors to ensure all fire safety and health standards are met. Our Technicians are well trained and committed to maintaining the highest industry standards. We would like the opportunity to inspect your grease exhaust systems and give you a bid for a thorough and proper cleaning of your system as well as putting a grease management program together for you.

Deficiency Reporting Services

We believe that keeping you informed with any potential hazards within your system is a key part of our Grease Management System. During the exhaust cleaning service, our technicians document any deficiency or hazard that may exist with pictures. These deficiency pictures are included with the Before & After pictures following the cleaning.

Roof top grease containment should be a big concern for every restaurant owner or general manager for several reasons.

  • The fatty acids in grease will deteriorate the roof top over time, thus voiding the warranty of your roof (If you currently have a roof warranty)
  • To replace a damaged roof caused by grease is very costly, upward of $100,000
  • Grease on the roof is an additional fire hazard that could potential destroy you entire business.

As part of your service, we will monitor your rooftop conditions from cleaning to cleaning. At the time of service, the condition of the roof will always be noted on the after service report. We will make recommendations on how to help prevent future accumulation of grease on the rooftop. There are many different types of grease containment units that we can purchase and install for you. Let us help you determine which unit works best for your faculties rooftop.

Power washing is the best way to maintain the appearance of you property. Your customers will appreciate not having to walk through the grease, dirt, and stains that accumulate on the parking lot, sidewalks, dumpster pads and entrances of your restaurant or office building. Here at Hood Boss we have specialized power-washing equipment that can help you keep your exterior grounds looking spotless.

Whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly, we can set up a scheduled cleaning program to meet the needs of your business. Remember the longer you wait the dirtier your property will become.

Available Power Washing Services Available

  • Parking Lot
  • Sidewalks
  • Back Dock
  • Dumpster Area
  • Drive-through
  • Awning Cleaning
  • Spill Clean Up

Common Items Found During Inspection Report

  • Excessive Grease Build up in Exhaust System

  • Excessive Grease Build up in Baffle Filters

  • Hinge Kit Needed on Rooftop Exhaust Fan

  • Inaccessible Areas within Exhaust System

  • Excessive Grease Build up on Roof Top

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